How it Works

Ø Operation: How does bbShadow work?


1.    Create an Account

Build a personal account before you can use the result calculation.

It is easier for you to save your later inputs or to contact us.


2.    Share your bra shopping experience; Fill in Product Reviews

Share your bra fitting comments before knowing what others think.

There are about 15 questions for Product Review, including Shopping info. & Product Rating.


3.    Get Results and “You-may-like” bra suggestions

You get what other users rated on the same product, and what other bras do they also wear and suggested.


4.    Accumulate your BB points and redeem coupons!

You earn BB points after filling each Product Review, you can accumulate and redeem coupons!


Ø Operation: Frequent Q&A


(1)  Why my result report is shown “Unavailable”?

This may due to the lack of reference data; Database may not have user who have similar size measurement, and product selection to yours.

(2)  Can I require for a more detailed result page?

We are continuously improving bbShadow so please welcome to write us a feedback of your ideas!


Ø Privacy: How can bbShadow secure you?

§  Users connection

We prohibit direct user communication at this stage to protect your rights and privacy. You can only view others’ information from their product reviews and the result we calculated. The result may only reveal your First name/Username and limited product comments you shared.

However, we allow point transmission between registered users. With the username you provided, you can transfer your reward points to other users.

§ Personal information

We may collect 4 types of your information for different purposes:

(1) Your name : to make sure we are delivering your gift to a real person.      

(2) Your date of birth : for result-page calculation in the system; for calculating your BB point reward.

(3) Your email address : to verify your account. This will not be shown to other users, but it may be disclosed to Sponsors (cooperating brands) so that they can email their e-coupons to you when you redeem gifts.

(4) Your measurement & product reviews : for result page calculation in the system. If your information is considered critical under system calculation (If you have similar body symptoms with certain users, you are “critical” to the system), your review comment and ratings will be exposed on the users’ result page individually; for making product ranking for the home page. If your comment is considered critical under system calculation, your comment will be shown to the public; to introduce “You-may-like” products to you from a customized approach; for calculating your BB point reward.


§  Pictures you upload

The photos you uploaded onto bbShadow via product reviews is for the result page record. All photos will be handled and protected by us, BBShadow Limited. We will acquire advanced permission from you (by email) before exposing your materials to other users.

Ø Privacy: How can you protect yourselves in bbShadow?


§  Username and password

We cannot prevent other search engines/internet browsers from linking up your names if you have identical names on other media. Therefore, we suggest you to use an arbitrary username and create a unique password for your account. Also, please use a different password when you reset your password.

§  Information you shared

Please make sure you only disclose the information you want to share, and information that is not copyrighted by anyone else. We will not limit your use of your profile for your own promotion, unless the content is considered inappropriate. Nonetheless, we are not responsible for problem or complain of any contents/ materials that are unrelated to bbShadow. Yet, we will consider to remove the content in a severe situation.

§  Anti-discrimination

We welcome different people onto this community platform. We dislike any kind of discrimination against age, race, religion, social/education background etc. Any post involving personal attack will be removed by us.


Ø Privacy: Frequent Q&A


(1) Who can view my name?

No one can see your real name. They can only see your username created for bbShadow.

(2) Who can see and use my photos?

All the photos you uploaded are only for calculation reference and will not be shown to the public. If we think your photos are important and would like to use your photos, we will ask for your permission via email in advance.