About Us

BBSHADOW LIMITED was established in Hong Kong in 2017.

Our team focuses on operating “bbShadow” mobile app for Bra-matching service.


We believe that consumers’ true feelings and preferences are the key indicators towards their own fit.

Consumers, but not Suppliers, will be the “story-tellers” about fitting in the future.

Anyone can be a micro-influencer on helping others on choosing their better-fit products.


Our major mission is to connect the lingerie consumers together, by the bra shopping and fitting experiences they share to each other.

We also care about users’ privacy, so our next prior work is to protect the users from revealing their true identity when they connect each other on this platform.


In a foreseeable future, we hope to develop a more user-friendly platform for secret community by developing more features and functions.


“Become a Shadow, Connect the Breasts.” :)